Robinhood Gold


Brand Direction, Brand Design, & Illustration

Robinhood disrupted the brokerage industry by introducing zero commission stock trading. Without paying any brokerage fees, Robinhood customers are able to derive tremendous value. Therefore as the first paid product, Robinhood Gold needed to be a compelling offering. Robinhood Gold is a paid subscription service that enables pre and after hours trading, additional buying power, and larger instant deposits.

Robinhood Gold

Once only available to institutional investors, extended trading hours allow Robinhood Gold customers to trade before the opening bell and after the closing bell, adding an extra two and half hours of market access every day.

Robinhood Gold customers also have access to additional buying power to buy stocks. This acts like a line of credit which provides customers with up to 2x buying power. 

Typically it takes 3 days for funds to transfer from a bank to a brokerage account. Instant Deposits eliminated this waiting period, enabling customers to invest immediately. Additionally, proceeds from a stock sale can be instantly reinvested. 

While working full-time at Robinhood, I had the opportunity to direct and design the branding for Robinhood Gold.

Robinhood Gold logo with custom lettering.

I developed the branding for Robinhood Gold and closely collaborated with the Lead Product Designer, Creative Director, and Co-CEO. I commissioned Danny Jones to translate the illustrated gold banner into 3D. I also worked closely with our frontend iOS and Android Developers to implement a gold gradient that dynamically responds to the accelerometer. 

Infographic highlighting Robinhood Gold’s extended trading hours from a 9:30am – 4:00pm window to a 9:00am – 6:00pm time frame.

Set of illustrations for the Robinhood Gold FAQ section.

Gold Swag

To celebrate the launch of Robinhood Gold, I designed a shirt with a giant gold custom dollar sign.