Brand Direction, Brand Design, & Illustration

Prior to Robinhood, trading was complicated and required a good sum of money to dilute the cost of commissions. Robinhood opened access to the stock market by creating an easy-to-use mobile first experience with zero commissions. A whole new generation of investors was born.


When I joined Robinhood in 2015, I was only the second Designer on the team. My responsibilities spanned branding, product design, illustration, and marketing.

For most of my time at Robinhood the Design Team consisted of Zane Bevan, Ilie Ciorba, and me. The three of us worked closely with Co-CEO, Baiju Bhatt, to define the product experience at a high level. When leadership asked us to help develop Robinhood's first paid product, our team proposed the name (Robinhood Gold), product experience, payment method (a novel subscription approach), and features (extended training, increased buying power, and instant deposits).

Baiju Bhatt on stage at the Bloomberg Technology Summit.

Cash cat illustration that animates when all cards are swiped away on the Robinhood home screen.

Illustration for the inaugural Robinhood referral program.

Spot illustrations for the Robinhood mobile app.

Robinhood banner illustration.

Logo symbol for Quiver, an API that contains all the information about what you can and can't trade on Robinhood. This includes option series and chains, equity identifiers like cusips, and all corporate actions. The symbol forms a quiver of four black arrows and one white arrow.

Logo for Celery, an open source asynchronous task queue originally created by Ask Sol and supported by Robinhood.