Chapter One


Creative Direction & Brand Design

Chapter One is an early-stage venture fund with a focus on helping companies find product-market fit. They are seeking protagonists who are eager to drive progress in the world. Over the past six years, they’ve partnered with impressive talent, aiding eleven companies that have grown into billion-dollar businesses. Their investment areas span software categories such as infrastructure/data, consumer and social, fintech, blockchain, and AI.

Ch. 1

I worked closely with the Chapter One team to update their branding. The team was seeking a brand identity that reflected their expanded investment categories.

The firm is named Chapter One because they are focused on seed stage investments. Since many fine books have marbling inside the front cover, I designed a logo symbol that is a reference to marbling.

Chapter One seeks Founders to invest in and makes them the hero of the story. Reflecting this, I created the tagline, "Seeking Protagonists".

I worked with Maria Tangarova of Chapter One to direct the design and development of the Chapter One website.

Ch. 1 investment industry icons.

Homepage built by Hambly Freeman with animation by Dave Whyte.